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Spring 2018 PHY2400

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First Report Thu 18 January 2018 Spitwad[edit]

  • Introduction

In this lab, a basketball was tapped multiple times with a meter stick to form a constant acceleration. As a stopwatch was ticking, other students threw spitballs at the position where the basketball was at specific times. There were 5 position points marked for every second that passed. Next, the data was collected and put into a table. This table was then made into a scatter plot in MatLab. A line of best fit was added to the plot to show the average slope will be.

  • Data

In the data listed below, the time variable has a step of 1 second and starts at 0.5 and has a maximum of 5.5. Therefore, the position variables are an average of the positions measured between the time intervals.


  • Plot

The plot listed below will be created in MatLab from the data listed in the table above. A line of best fit will also be created in the plot.

Basketball and Spitball Scatter Plot.png